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In this section we will group together soldiers whose "Groups" of medals and documents are large and scattered throughout the site.

Jean-Baptiste Aime served as a runner at the front in Flanders, at Verdun, in the Champagne, on the Aisne and in the 1918 offensives. He was decorated with the Croix de Guerre with 8 citations and numerous other awards.

He served in the 4th Regiment of Zouaves, part of the 38th Infantry Division, one of the divisions known as "Mangin's Africans" due to the fact that it was made up of colonial regiments. The division was to become one of the premier assault divisions in the French army.


August Weber could not wait to go to war. In fact, he was so keen that he arrived for mobilization a day early and was disappointed when he had to return home.

On the August Weber page there are links to his uniforms and diaries. It is a fascinating study of an enthusiasm to go to war that we seldom find in our day and age.



Otto von der Mülbe, a young officer in the Garde Grenadier Regiment 2 was help in a POW camp in Morocco where he was subject to discipline French Foreign Legion style