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Yes indeed... as the site grows and grows I finally splashed and paid for a search engine. The wife would kill me if she found out ;-)

I know it is a bit of a pain looking for things on the site. The chosen field is very wide and the grass grows high. Looking for specific units, battles and men can be a bit difficult....

So... for your pleasure (and mine).... our very own search engine... just for the site!

It can be found .... HERE

It's taken some time, but I am hopping on the "If you want to donate a modest sum for the upkeep...." bandwagon. Being a Zero who does not know HTTP from HTML I don't only pay monthly for the bandwidth, but also for the program that sets up the site and now for the search engine.

If you want to drop some silver please paypal it to chrisboonzaier*

Put a @ inplace of the *

Any small contributions to the site greatly appretiated, it is and will always stay non profit.