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It is not my intention to become a dealer, but I have decided to put the items which are not "core" items of my collection, or items which are gathering dust,  up for trade or sale.

Spalte 2
I am selling this nice group, direct from the family. It has a beautiful Hemmerle MVK1st class which was awarded to the man in April 1918. There is a 2cm high pile of postcards and photos related to the man, Some Student paraphernalia... I am pretty sure the Bier Zipfel is Lower grade Gold, but it is not stamped and I have not had it tested, (Looks silver here but is pale gold in color) ... As MVK1 alone are about the EUR350 mark I think EUR450 international postage included is a fair price with all the photos. I will pull the records of his military career for the buyer and we can go through them in the forum. The Man was a Veterinarian in Both wars.

I think this qualifies as a Nobleman? Included is his document for the WHITE ribbon EK, his original EK with the ribbon and an envelope addressed to him many years before when he was in the army. Freiherr von Fürstenberg was a Landrat or District administrator... EUR195

1. Ostasiatisches Infanterie-Regiment

A rare group of Photos of the Machine Gunners of the 1. O.I.R. - Superb Quality

These are beautiful... two different WW1 era Captains bars... but not "Normal" ones... did your wife ever insist you get her something from Tiffany &co? HERE IS YOUR CHANCE! a set of Sterling bars made by Tiffany & Co, named to Capt W.C. Miller on the back... not less beautiful are the Bailey Banks and Biddle set (the smaller ones) in sterling... for some reason I had a crazy thought... if anyone has a som who is a LT... a jewweler could easily turn these Tiffany Captains bars into a set of Tiffany LT bars... or I assume they can be worn on a Beret like this? EUR90 postage included for both

For a year or so I thought I had lost these... but they turned up in a drawer... the "Magic Drawer"... these came from a Stash dug up in France. The guys were in various Bavarian Machine Gunner units together and space more or less ran out... according to records they must have been issued new tags in a MGK of the 2nd Bavarian Infantry and these were collected by the unit... only to be dug up 90 years later... EUR85 for both, postage included...