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Uniforms can be just as researchable as Medal groups. Often the tunic was there on the day that a medal was won... the medal not.

In this section you will see what some medal collectors call "Dead men's clothing"... some of the tunics are "named", some not.

1) Maybe the crown Jewel of WW1 Tunics, the German 1907/10 Feldrock is a piece of clothing that seldom made it through the war. Shown HERE is the Feldrock of August Weber

2) The dark blue Waffenrock was more or less obsolete by the outbreak of the war. Worn back home on leave or by troops going through training if there was not enough Fieldgrey to go around. Pictured here HERE is the Waffenrock of August Weber from his time as a one year volunteer in the 88. Infanterie Regiment in Hanau, 1913

3) Franz Rudolph Jonkheer de Casembroot's tailored tunic as Capatin in the 6th Field artillery Regiment can be seen HERE

4) A Pionier officer in the 1918 offensive can be seen HERE

5) The 2. bayer. Jäger Bataillon, or "Aschaffenburger Jäger" was part of the 1st Bavarian Jäger Regiment, Alpenkorps. HERE

6) French soldiers preferred the greatcoat to the Tunic, and wore it with style HERE

7) The British Cuff Rank officers tunic with leather equipment is unfortunately a thing of the past... The cuff rank tunics really had style. HERE

8)  Lt. John B. Wallace of the 102nd Infantry Regiment, 26th Division of the AEF HERE

9) A cotton Tunic to a Sgt of the US 4th Division. HERE

10) Hauptmann d. Res Heinrich Hawickhorst served in the 174 I.R. HERE

11) A 1915 Model French tunic to the 99 R.I. HERE

12) The private Purchase Tunic for an American Tanker can be seen HERE

13) The Twill Fatigue Tunic for a Saxon Artillery NCO can be seen HERE

A selection of German Schutztruppe Bayonets can be found HERE


A section with Military Passes HERE