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The first attack by the new Sturm Abteilung Rohr on the Schratzmännle and the framed pictures which hung on the walls of the parents of one of the first stormtroopers killed in action HERE.

An account of the 159 I.R. raid on the "Plague boil" including some decorative documents relating to the raid can be found here.

Wehrmann Krieger took part in a successful patrol on the Somme before the allied offensive, Vizefeldwebel Wägenbauer patrolled no man's land while the battle raged.

A successful patrol, Sturmabteilung training in the Karpathen Mountains, an Iron Cross and a blighty wound for Gefreiter Kappel of the R.I.R.11

A fantastic introduction to the Sturmbataillon Rohr written by Tom W, along with some rare photos, documents and links to other articles on S.B. Rohr to be found here on the site, can be seen HERE

The Men of Sturmbataillon Rohr took part in the first German Sturm Panzer assault, they were effectively the worlds first Panzer Grenadiers HERE

Sturm-Bataillon Nr.5 (Rohr) and the assault on Craonne in June 1917, including the iron Cross 1st Class to Adolf Breuer

One of the shortest lived Sturm Units was the splinter group of the initial Sturm Abteilung (later S.B. Rohr) named Sturm Abteilung Oberrotweil. Soon after its creation it was disolved but formed the seeds for the Sturmbataillon 16 HERE

Karl Gorres was wounded during an assault in Höhe 304 at Verdun. He had participated with the men in the picture above in the raid on the Asine a few months previously. During the raid described he was seriously wounded.

The Recon Abteilung von Hadeln took part in Germans only attack on a town in the British Commonwealth during WW1, Kakamas in the Northern Cape Province of South Africa. Pictured are award documents to Oberleutnant Friedrich Freiherr von Hadeln.

Trench raids were usually short, bloody and merciless affairs. The objective of the raiders was to enter the enemy positions, take a handful of prisoners then kill and destroy as much as possible before returning to their own positions. The raiding parties had little means of handling large numbers of prisoners and those enemy soldiers who could not be taken back… could not be left alive either. A raid by the 252eme R.I. on a salient at Avocourt near Verdun can be found HERE


The Garde Reserve Pionier Regiment was the home of the Totenkopf Pionieren, the "Deathshead Pioneers" were the men of the feared Flamethrower units who accompanied the assault roops on all fronts. Tom Wictor provides a fantastic short history of the regiment and origins of the German flamethrower troops along with rare photos and some extremely rare Deathshead Pioneer items HERE

The Sturmbataillon 16 along with Flamethrower operators of the Garde Reserve Pionier Regiment helped the men of the L.I.R. 124 in their attacks on the Hartmannsweilerkopf. A description of the action and a rare document HERE

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