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... and the men that won it.

The Kaiserscross Project

To hook up with GMIC as our “Official Forum” was a natural step as it groups together a great team of Imperial Army researchers.

As a way to help collectors we have a small section on Fake EK Docs HERE

And a guide to interpreting abbreviations HERE

The Army

An important section to help understand how the German army functioned which deals with the Evolution of the different branches of Service and what their role was during the war.

A pet project that captures the imagination of many is the subject of Sturmtruppen and Trench Raiders. This section contains not only German but also accounts and items from other nations.

A separate point of interest is a collection of photographs of machine gunners of the German army.

Of great use to collectors of documents is a page of unit designations and abbreviations as well as a list of the higher commanders from divisional commanders upwards. Altough fake WW1 award documents are rare, they do exist, a small section on these can be found HERE.

The War

Although we usually associate WW1 with a bloody war of attrition in the trenches of Western Europe there were also phases of a war of movement, especially on the Eastern Front. The accounts in these sections contain accounts of the actions and often include first person accounts of people who were involved in the actions.