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From the Swiss border to the English channel, in the heat of summer and through the icy winters the Trenches were manned. In this section I will introduce some of the men who fought in them, including their awards and certificates.

In September 1916 during the fighting on the Somme Max Hartinger of the 21st Bavarian Infantry Regiment played an important part in disrupting two British attacks near Ginchy. For his part in the action he was awarded an Iron Cross 2nd Class. The award was later upgraded to a Bavarian Gold Bravery Medal, just one of 998 awarded during the war HERE

The Private Anton Langheinrich served in the 13th Bavarian Reserve Regiment (11. b.I.D.) on the Styr, in a sector where ghosts called out from no mans land....

Gefreiter Lamberts served on the Stochod in an action that saw elements of the 3rd Bavarian Infantry Regiment fighting tooth and nail to retain the trenches thay had just captured. (See the Langheinrich article above)

A Verdun Bavarian Silver Bravery Medal award to Pionier Max Stark for braving a barrage in the Albain Schlucht (Ravine) to save a comrades life.

Buried Alive! A terrible fate on the battlefield

Thiaumont and Fleury were hot spots during and between the Verdun offensives. A selection of documents and awards to men who fought there.

The Jägers of the Alpenkorps were ordered to retake the strongpoint of Thiaumont on the 8th of August 1916. With heavy hearts they prepared to refight a battle they had already fought the month before. Click HERE

The 10th Reserve Division was one of the hardest hitting Divisions in the German Army. A Vivid account of the fighting on the Aisne along with some really nice documents can be seen HERE

A quintessential trench fighter's group is that of Sebastian Herrling of the 12. b.I.R., awarded to holding back part of a French attack by engaging the enemy in a duel of hand grenades. for his part in the action he recieved the Bavarian Silver bravery Medal.

An attack by the 110th Grenadiers in the Caurriers Wald in 1917, and a dramatic piece of Militaria

A furious assault on Height 185 ( Höhe 185 ), "The devil on the mountain" describes the fighting done by the 51. Reserve Division and shows items belonging to Leutnant Karl Lüttgen of the 236. Reserve Infanterie Regiment

The Reichsackerkopf in Alsace is one of the small but bloody battles that manages to slip through the cracks of history. Ersatz Reservist Silakowsky of the 92. R.I.R. participated.

Last shots on the "Dead Man"... In August of 1917 the Germans were finally pushed off the infamous "Mort Homme"... HERE

A commendation for a Passchendaele Machine gunner of the RIR 94 ... HERE

The Hartmannsweilerkopf, intense fighting flared up here on numerous occasions during the war. Many men were killed but little was achieved by either side.

A commendation certificate to Major Richard Sartor, Divisions Adjutant of the 15th Bavarian Division. Also the document to one of his opponents.

The confusion in front of Thiaumont Farm in the second week of June 1916. The Documents to men who took part in the fighting and in the patrols, including a Croix de Guerre to Henri Hequette click HERE

The 12th Bavarian Infantry Regiment suffered heavy losses between Douaumont and Thiaumont in Mid 1916. A story of one mans agony and an Iron Cross document won a few hundred meters away.

While the British suffered the most on the first day of the Somme, German losses mounted in many counter attacks. The 84th and 86th Reserve Infantry Regiments of the 18th Reserve Division lost heavily.

Gefreiter Heinrich Müller, a machine gunner in the 77. Infanterie Regiment, was awarded the Iron Cross 2nd Class after being wounded in the Brussilow offensive. He later took part in the Battle on the Aisne. In 1939 he was awarded a rare GOLD wound badge for wounds suffered 1914-18.

The Field Artillery stood close to the front line, sometimes in the front line. Hauptmann Jonkheer de Casembroot was in action with the 6. Feldartillerie Regiment  on the Somme and at Passchendaele

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