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The 115eme R.I. had fought well but lost heavily at Verdun in 1916. Brought to the Champagne front in May 1917 they attacked the heights “Le Casque” and “Le Teton” on the 20th of May as part of the Nivelle offensives. The regiment suffered terrible losses.  

The Month of June saw the regiment confined to barracks as it was caught up in the “Collective indiscipline” (Mutiny) following the Nivelle offensive.  

Sous Lieutenant George Picquet  joined the regiment in that tumultuous month and on the 21st of June marched out with the regiment to occupy a sector in the Mont Haut and Mont Cornillet area.

Regimental war diary:
14th of July-- Our artillery continues its bombardment on the enemy positions. At 19:45 the 3eme Bataillon commences a raid on an enemy position. This is a blind to draw attention from an attack in the 317eme R.I. sector to our right. The Raid does not succeed; it is stopped by enemy machine gun fire. The main attack is carried out by the 1ere Bataillon (Lemaire) of the 115eme R.I. and the 4eme Bataillon of the 317eme R.I. The attack succeeds superbly and the Battalions capture 9 officers and 320 men. The 1ere Bataillon has 11 dead and 41 wounded.

15th of July-- Day is calm, until 20:00 at which time the enemy launch a violent counter attack on the positions taken the day before, on the right of our battalion (3eme Bataillon) in the front line is caught in the enemy barrage and requests a counter barrage. No Infantry action in that sector. The Battalion "Lemaire" (1ere Bataillon) on the right flank stops the German counter attack and inflicts heavy losses on the enemy.   1ere Bataillon looses 29 dead, 97 wounded and 49 missing  

16th of July-- The Battalion Lemaire is relieved by a battalion of the 53eme R.I. and pulls back to the "Petit Loges"  

17th of July-- Bataillon Lemaire takes up Quarters in Conde Sur Marne.

The 1st Battalion was cited at the order of the IVeme Armee
“After having shown its value on the Teton in May of 1917 the 1ere Bataillon, under the tenacious and energetic leadership of commandant Lemaire has proved itself again. In heavy fighting, along with the 4eme Bataillon of the 317eme R.I. it took a heavily defended, essential, enemy position. It captured 200 prisoners. An audacious raid that destroyed enemy positions 300 meters in front of their positions. Under heavy fire the next day it fought back three enemy counter attacks. Pushed back by a fourth counter attack it managed to rally and with reinforcements retake its prize and assuring its objectives."
The document above is a copy of the citation given to S. Lt Piquet (Numbered "30"). Usually the members of the unit that took part in an action cited recieved a copy of the citation.

Above: The Champagne battlefield to the East of Rheims showing the gains of the Nivelle offensive in April 1917. The 115eme R.I. lost heavily in continuing attacks in the region in May. It fought in the "Monts de Champagne" region until early 1918.

In November of 1916 the Regiment was still in the Mont Cornillet sector.

From the regimental war diary:  

6th of November-- At 5:30 am the enemy started a violent bombardment after which he attacked the positions Lorraine,Franklin and Lecomte. The barrage of infantry fire (MG and rifle) was accurate enough to stop the enemy in our wire. The 3eme Compagnie counter attacked all along its front. After 15 minutes of fighting the enemy troops fled in disorder falling under out fire and artillery barrage as they went. The raid had consisted of the "Stosstrupp" of 60 men and 120 men of the 2. Garde Grenadier regiment. They suffered heavy losses and abandoned much material. A wounded prisoner fell into out hands.

French losses 1 killed. 14 wounded.

The Citation for Piquet’s Croix de Guerre reads: "Officer with a remarkable drive and exceptional bravery. On the 6th of November during an enemy raid which was accompanied by heavy artillery fire, initiated a counter attack that contributed to beating back the enemy raid."

In April 1918 the Regiment was still in the Mont Cornillet sector.  

The Regimental war diary :

15th of April-- Morning and afternoon calm. From 17:00 intermittent bombardment on the (?) sector of the 124eme R.I. to our right. At 23:00 enemy raid on the (Neighboring) 124eme R.I. French losses: Sous-Lieut Picquet (3eme Cie) Wounded and evacuated.

(S. Lt. Georges Piquet was badly wounded and evacuated, the regiments only casualty of the day.)

His citation reads "Young officer full of drive and an established sense of duty. Has always shown impressive displays of courage, decisiveness and energy. Was seriously wounded on the 16th (?) of April while walking to an observation post."