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For questions concerning the Kaisers Cross project we can be reached at the Gentleman's Military Interest Club forum. It has a separate sub forum called "The Kaisers Cross project"

GMIC are about as good a "buncha collectors" as you will find online. Main points there are the Iron Cross and other Imperial German awards and Militaria. Also to be found are lively sections on topics as varied as Mongolia,  "other" Western European nations, Asia, Imperial and Soviet Russia, Germany 1933-45, America and British awards and Militaria. Try it, you will be so happy you did you will buy me a beer if we ever meet.

Also essential to anyone with the slightest interest in the history of World War one is the Great War Forum. An astounding amount of knowledge as well as a number of well known authors and experts in just about all facets of the war, it is a very well run corner of the net  "The Great War Forum"

Best to reach me at GMIC but just incase, my email is