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In the Iron Cross sections mentions are made of battles in which the recipients participated.

The collector may not feel inclined to go out to buy a book about each document in his collection and for many sectors (Champagne, Aisne, Eastern Front) the literature available in English is minimal.

In the battles section of the site we will have short overviews of the various battles and their phases.

In this way, if you have a desire to know just what the German last gasp offensive in the Champagne in July 1918 was all about... a brief overview will explain it. For the collector who has some documents to a man who participated it should make his research a bit easier as there is little written about it in English books.

Alternately, if you want the brief overview of a complex battle like Verdun, it will have a good shortened history.

The main source used for these histories is the "Kriegskalender des Deutschen Heeres 1914-1918" by Goes and Cron. The histories are not simply translation but include information from other sources as well. It is very possible that modern historians see the battles in a very different light, but as the main topic of this site is the German soldiers 14-18, the views of Goes and Cron are probably pretty close to how the soldiers saw the battles themselves.

For more in depth views.... hit the books, they are great things to read!


The year in a nutshell.


The year in a nutshell

The fighting on the Combres Heights

The two Battles at Münster are seldom mentioned in English language books.


The year in a nutshell

Verdun: an overview.

Verdun: The official battle days

Verdun: A time line (With links)

The Brussilow Offensive: Part one

The Brussilow Offensive: Part two
Somme: an overview.


The year in a nutshell

On the Aisne

Verdun: an overview

1918: An overview of the year and the battles fought.

Michael Offensive: Preparation
Michael Offensive: Northern Sector
Michael Offensive: Central Sector
Michael Offensive: Southern Sector

On the Avre

Archangel: the 7th Armee

Georgette: South
Georgette: North

Soissons and Rheims: Part one
Soissons and Rheims: Part two

Marne Champagne Offensive

St Mihiel pocket

Defensive fighting at Rheims and further

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