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The relatively cheap price paid for Iron Cross Award documents means that it has not really been worth the while of fakers to venture into this field. The main documents that are faked are the rarer Colonial ones. If and when we find fakes we will post them on this page.

The document pictured below has been sold on Ebay a number of times, it is a fake.

The sellers try to palm it off as a document awarded to soldiers in German East Africa. This design is 100% wrong.

A very elaborate fake below. Supposedly signed at the fighting headquarters in Lome (Togo) by a Major in mid 1915.

Togo capitulated in August 1914, the few German policemen stationed there were interned in neighboring Dahomey.

Any documents in this style should be avoided.

To see what happened in Togo and why this award would not be possible please look HERE

Some time ago there were a bunch of Fake EK Docs to the 112 Inf Regt from Baden, here is how they appeared on Ebay

Above: The fake East African Document again.....
Above: We know this one by now....