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Aaaahhh! These are just beautiful... A cuff rank tunic, leather equipment... it all just reeks of cigars and port wine...

William Arthur Burton had a pre war commission in the 4th Bn. of the York and Lancaster Regiment.The tunic pictured was originally an earlier one with the stand and fall collar and twisted cord shoulder straps.

Retailored in 1913 the plain cloth shoulder straps were added as was a open collar.

Captain Burton's work for the ministry of munitions was judged to be more important than front line service and he spend 1914-1918 in the USA looking after British interests and serving on various commissions. he was awarded the O.B.E. for his services.

In 1918 he returned to England and was right away seconded to the "Intelligence Corps". He was on the Intelligence course in Harrow run by MI5 when it was decided that his expertise was urgently needed in France and he was pulled from the course and sent on his way. Arriving in France in late august 1918 he was attached to G.S. (I), H.Q., lines of communication.

In January 1919 he returned to the UK and soon after left the army. In the 1920s he seems to have settled in the USA.

Missing from the jacket is a set of officers York and Lancs collar badges... if anyone has some to sell.. :-)

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